Release Notes - February 11, 2021

    - EMIS Documents: Fixed an issue where some Publication Types were not working correctly in /Search/query
    - EMIS Documents: Fixed an issue where 'countries' parameter did not work properly in /Search/findCompany - December 17, 2020

Added date_updated filter parameter in Company /Search/queryCompany
Introduced new method in the Documents API to find companies - /Search/findCompanies
    - EMIS Company: Fixed revenue filter parameter
    - EMIS Company: Fixed an issue where the main_activities filter parameter which did not return all the companies
    - EMIS Company: Fixed an issue where the company name filter parameter which did not return all the companies
    - EMIS Company: Fixed an issue where the response body /Statements/getStatementsByIds returns maximum 10 statements only - November 26, 2020

    - EMIS Company: Fixed an issue where the 'companySizeRevenue' field was always NULL in /Search/queryCompany
    - EMIS Company: Fixed an issue where /Statements/queryStatments was returning no results
    - EMIS Company: Fixed an issue where /Statements/getCompanyStatementsList was returning no results
    - EMIS Company: Fixed an issue where using the 'revenue' filter parameter in /Statements/queryCompany was returning incorrect results - August 13, 2020

Introduced Company Data Dumps process - October 10, 2019

Company API: Added parameters to "getCompanyBenchmark" allowing users to modify the default EMIS Credit Analytics parameters' values. - September 26, 2019

Company API: Added a new class "Benchmark" containing a method "getCompanyBenchmark" allowing users to retrieve EMIS Credit Analytics data.
Added new Dictionary functions:
"getFinancialRiskScaleList" - February 21, 2019

Documents API: Added data providers to publications fields in Documents. Added new Dictionary method "getPublications".
Documents API: "getIndustryList" and "getIndustryByProductList" are deprecated. "getIndustryClassification" should be used instead.
Company API: "getStatementsByIds" limit is now 100 instead of 50. Bugfixing. - December 6, 2018

Managing tokens no longer requires EMIS Pro access. Removed loginToken method.Changes to key generation page allowing token validation. Bugfixing. - November 22, 2018

Added API token support, eliminating the need to authenticate and maintain session data. Managing tokens requires EMIS Pro access. - November 8, 2018

Company API: Improved search in Chinese. Company API: Added displayName and displayNameLocal attributes in Search/queryCompany.
Company API: Fixed an issue with Dictionary/getOwnerTypeList where ownershipType was not returned. Documents API: Added a new search parameter
startDocumentId using which returns only documents with equal or larger document ID. - April 13, 2018

Support for employee number range. New filter (include_estimated_employees_number). - April 6, 2018

Support for estimated revenue in company search. New filter (include_estimated_revenue). - September 21, 2017

Addition of new option industryOutput to company search. - July 20, 2017

New error code for "Data not found" in Dictionary methods.
New filters for company search (industry_class, incorporation_year). Support for local industry classification in main activity list, in addition to NAICS. - May 11, 2017

Statement accounting error flag added to Statement data (BasicStatement, Statement and ExtendedStatement objects). - May 4, 2017

Source added to Statement data (Statement and ExtendedStatement objects). - January 3, 2017

Added support for ALL countries in queryCompany(). New method getStatementsByIds() on Statements class.
New exception for exceeded limit. - December 5, 2016

Sets and ranges support for filters in search. Updated table of account filters. - August 28, 2016

Added company data module. - July 15, 2016

Namespace structure updated. PHP SDK Updated. Fixed endpoint links. Updated error codes. - June 19, 2016

Added XSD/JSON schema references. Updated API functions list and their parameters. Added information about API report usage.
Updated error codes. Small specification fixes. - June 1, 2016

API notification details updated. - May 17, 2016

Initial public release.