GET /DealInfo/getDealInfo/

Class: DealInfo, Method: getDealInfo

Get deal data from DealWatch database by deal id. A detail deals API results can return detail information about chosen ids. You can chose one or more deals with parameter 'dealIds'. We have accounting values which are number (float) with type 'N/A', 'N/R', 'Neg' or value. When we have type = value, then value is float I other cases value is 0.
XSD Schema
JSON Schema

Path Parameters

Name Description Type Required Default
response_format Response data format. Default is json.
Accepted Values: [ json,xml]
String json

Query Parameters

Name Description Type Required Default
dealIds Parameter with deal id's. Array


Status Code Description Type
200 Returns response result. InfoDeal[]
400 Returns API error. ApiError[]
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Query Result