Subscribe for a feed

If you are interested to receive a regular feed of EMIS Data content, please contact our team to request access to this option.

The API Feed can be configured through a simple web interface. Once the configuration is complete the user will start receiving feeds within the time interval specified. Feed Configuration URL:

Data feed mechanism

Our regular data feeds solution offers alerts when new documents are added to your content feed selection. You will receive a file in the specified API output that would contain only the new documents added to our database since the last feed file you received.

Content options for data feeds subscriptions

EMIS Documents feeds can be based on search criteria, including keyword search, country, language, document format, industry, publications type, source or topic.

Feed output, delivery and alert options

The data feed files can be requested in the standard API formats – JSON and XML. The files can be delivered via a weblink or ftp. The feed generation frequency can be every 15 or 60 minutes. Users can choose to receive push notifications when a new feed file is generated.