To explore the EMIS Company Data API or start building your application using EMIS Company profiles and financials content, you would need the following:
  • Current EMIS data subscription

    If you are not already a EMIS data subscriber, please contact our team to request demo access
  • Activated access to the EMIS Documents API

    Using the EMIS Documents API requires an additional subscription, in order to authenticate into the API. If your contract with EMIS does not cover API access, please contact our team to request demo access.
  • An active API access key

    In order to access the application or use the API documentation in interactive mode, you would need to have an active API key. Please refer to Authentication section for more details on API Keys
  • Optional: An EMIS API SDK package installed

    An SDK library is currently available for PHP for users who want to interact with the API more easily in that programming languages. Please see the section Using an SDK for instructions how to download the package.