Access to EMIS APIs is regulated via an API key / token. It is used for authentication purposes in user’s automation code implementation.

All EMIS APIs use the same API key / token.

Once an API key is generated, it remains valid and can be used multiple times. The API key is automatically invalidated when you create a new one or when your subscription to EMIS is terminated.

API key generation and validation steps:

  1. You need an active subscription to any of the EMIS APIs.
  2. Login to our Developer Portal site with your registered email address and self-chosen password:
  3. Once you’re logged in, you can manage your EMIS API key through your profile or the Service Management menu
  4. You can generate an EMIS API key / token. We follow a policy of one active key/ token per user at a time.
  5. Once logged in, you can always come back and check the validity of a key by clicking on ‘Verify key’. If the token is valid, you will receive a popup notification.
  6. Visit our Q&A section if you have additional questions or need support.