GET /Search/query/

Class: Search, Method: query

Performs a search query in order to retrieve search results containing news and reports
documents based on certain search criteria.
XSD Schema
JSON Schema

Path Parameters

Name Type Type Required Default
response_format Response data format. Default is json. String json

Query Parameters

Name Type Type Required Default
countries List of country codes Array
languages List of language codes Array
formats List of file format indexes Array
companies List of company IDs Array
industries List of NAICS industry codes Array
topics List of topic codes Array
sourceTypes List of source type codes Array
publications List of publication codes Array
publicationTypes List of publication type codes Array
startDate Start date ISO format String
endDate End date ISO format String
term Search term String
scope Search scope String everywhere
startDocumentId Start Document ID Integer
offset Offset of the search result Integer 0
limit Maximum number of records to be returned Integer 25
order Sort order String newest
skipDuplicates Indicates whenever duplicates found should be skipped Integer True
includeBody Indicates whenever the content body shall be included Integer False


Status Code Type Type
200 Returns response result. Result < Search >
400 Returns API error. ApiError[]
API Query Builder
Query Result