Welcome to the new EMIS Company API v2!

The New EMIS Company API v2 is an upgraded new RESTful API that provides very powerful functionalities for direct company search and data extraction of detailed company profiles, financial statements, and benchmark information.

The EMIS Company API allows retrieval of detailed company information on private and public companies from emerging markets around the world. The company profiles include granular details on company ownership, contact information, revenues, current and historical financial statements.

The new EMIS Company API v2 allows access to financial information for more than 9.7 million public and private companies in 197 markets around the world with more than 2.4 million companies with comprehensive financial information including Income Statements, Balance sheets, Cash flow statements and Financial Ratios. With the help of the EMIS Company APIv2, our users can have the latest data fed directly into their system, models, and reports regardless of what tools or platforms they are using for data analysis.

Key benefits of using the revamped new EMIS Company API v2:

  • Direct access to EMIS companies full range of content – company profiles, financial statements, and benchmark
  • REST API based on OpenAPI 3.0 Specification
  • Updated technology and architecture allowing faster data extraction and better performance
  • Simply, easy-to-use interactive documentation
  • Detailed company financial data in Global and Local Standards with up to 10years of history –Income Statement, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow and Financial Ratios and Multiples
  • Powerful search capabilities that allow users to find specific companies or a range of companies that match a wide range of profile criteria and financial variables
  • Customized solution to handle large amounts of data
  • Seamless integration into your existing workflow
  • Supports automation of data population and report building
  • Additional programming language support – SDKs for Python, JavaScript, PHP
  • Flexible solution for wide variety of use cases
  • Near-real time response and data retrieval

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