EMIS Company v2 Dumps and Feeds

The EMIS Company Dumps and Feeds solution is an additional service for schedule delivery of datasets and updates (delta increments) for company profile information and financial data. The service complements the capabilities of the EMIS Company API v2 and allows users to create automated feeds and generate historical dumps based on predefined data filters and feed setups.

  • Data dump:

    The Data dump offers a one-time extraction of historical data, based pre-defined user criteria, which is usually a large amount of company profiles and/or financial statements. The dump is generated through the creation of a filter which carries a variety of company descriptive parameters and financial accounts that are used to filter out exactly the data the user needs.

  • Data feeds:

    The data feed is used to set up a periodic update of new changes in the database, using the same filter parameter and deliver delta-incremental changes to the user on a frequent basis. The feed can run in one of the following frequencies – 1 a day, 1 a week, bi-weekly, 1 a month.

  • Pre-defined datasets:

    Users with access to the service will be able to see pre-generated data dumps per country in their Service Management menu. The pre-defined datasets are updated on a frequent basis and allow users to access historical data immediately upon logging in the portal.

Benefits Image

The new service offers the following benefits:

  • High speed data extraction and better performance in generating large bulks of data.
  • Customizable and flexible filter parameters that allow users to get the exact data they need.
  • Allows users to extract large bulks of data and access them via S3 or get the data pushed to their FTP.
  • Schedule data updates on a daily basis.
  • No upper limit on the number of companies/ financials that can be extracted.
  • Ability to get full historical data at the tip of the finger.
  • Same data structure (JSON/ XML) which allows for complex workflows in combination with the existing REST API.
  • Safeguard mechanism that ensures no missing updates if a feed instance fails.
  • Get Push/ email notification on the status of each dump/ feed.