Create a Dump

Our Data Dump solution offers the ability to create a one-time historical dump of company profiles and/or financial statements.

The solution is designed to be complimentary to the feed solution if a user wants to store EMIS data on their end.

The Dump solution is based on a Filter that is used to define the delivered data.

The EMIS Company API Dump can be set up using the following steps:

  1. Using POST /companies/search/filters, a user defines the data required for the feed. The filter can be based on company IDs OR search criteria.
  2. Using POST /companies/dumps, the user creates a feed and setting up the dump parameters

A user can create one dump at a time. If you have generated a dump by mistake, you can use the DELETE /companies/dumps/{id} method to cancel it.

In order to check the details of each dump, customers can use GET /companies/dumps/{id}.

N.B.! Kindly note that we have created pre-defined Data dumps which include the full historical data of company profiles and financial statements by country, which you can use instead of generating country level dumps from scratch. The pre-defined data dumps are available under the Service Management menu for logged in users.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our API support team.