Access to the New EMIS Company API V2 is regulated via an API key / token. It is used for authentication purposes in user’s automation code implementation.

The EMIS Company API v2 uses a separate token from the older versions of the EMIS APIs.

Once an API key is generated, it remains valid and can be used multiple times. The API key is automatically invalidated when you create a new one or when your subscription to EMIS is terminated.

API key generation and validation steps:

  1. You need an active subscription the EMIS Company API V2.
  2. Login to our Developer Portal site with your registered email address and self-chosen password:
  3. Once you’re logged in, you can manage your EMIS API key through your profile or the Service Management menu
  4. You can generate an API key / token. We follow a policy of one active key/ token per user at a time.
  5. Once logged in, you can always come back and check the validity of a key by clicking on ‘Verify key’. If the token is valid, you will receive a popup notification.
  6. Visit our Q&A section if you have additional questions or need support.