Name Description Type
status If the information about the company is extended or not. String
displayName Display name in English language. String
displayNameLocal Display name in Local language. String
previousNameList List of previous names. CompanyPreviousName[]
companyType Type of company. String
legalForm Local legal form. String
globalLegalForm Global legal form. String
address Address. CompanyAddress
segmentList List of segments the company belongs to CompanySegment[]
ownerList List of owners. CompanyOwner[]
affiliateList List of related companies. All available details for the affiliate company in EMIS Database are retrieved via the API call. In case data for any parameter is not available, API response returns NULL values. CompanyAffiliate[]
executiveList List of executives. CompanyExecutive[]
description Company description in English language. String
descriptionLocal Company description in Local language. String
mainProducts Main products in English language. String
mainProductsLocal Main products in Local language. String
secondaryActivityList List of secondary NAICS. String[]
auditorDate Reference date for financial auditor. String
auditorName Name of auditor. String
employeeNumberDate Reference date for the number of employees. String
employeeNumber Number of employees. Integer
employeeNumberRange Range of employees. NumberRange
employeeNumberType Type of employee number value. String
registeredCapitalDate Reference date for the registered capital. String
registeredCapitalCurrency Currency for the registered capital. String
registeredCapitalValue Registered capital. Double
outstandingSharesList List of outstanding shares. CompanyOutstandingShare[]
dividendList List of dividends. CompanyDividend[]
ratingList List of ratings. CompanyRating[]
latestMarketCapitalization Latest year market capitalization. Double
latestMarketCapitalizationCurrency Currency of market capitalization. String