GET /Statements/getStatementById/

Class: Statements, Method: getStatementById

Method returns statement information identified by Stmtid (Unique EMIS financial statement id). Note: historical data of maximum past 5 years will be provided.
XSD Schema
JSON Schema

Path Parameters

Name Description Type Required Default
response_format Response data format. Default is json.
Accepted Values: [ json,xml]
String json

Query Parameters

Name Description Type Required Default
stmtid Financial Statement Id as 1234567 Integer
currency Financial Statement Currency as EUR, USD String usd
extended Returned accounts type is
True - Emis\Entity\Api\Fins\Statement\StatementAccountExtended
False - Emis\Entity\Api\Fins\Statement\StatementAccount
Boolean false


Status Code Description Type
200 Returns response result. Statement < Statement >
400 Returns API error. ApiError[]
API Query Builder
Query Result