GET /Statements/getCompanyStatementsList/

Class: Statements, Method: getCompanyStatementsList

Returns statements for a list of companies.
XSD Schema
JSON Schema

Path Parameters

Name Type Type Required Default
response_format Response data format. Default is json. String json

Query Parameters

Note: At least one of the two parameters are required: country and/or isic"]

Name Type Type Required Default
country Country Code as 'AR', 'BG', etc. String
isic A list of company ids (EMISid) Array
lastUpdate Date since last update took place Null
offset Starting record Integer 0
limit Max number of records to retrieve Integer 100
extended Returned accounts type is
True - Emis\Entity\Api\Fins\Statement\StatementAccountExtended
False - Emis\Entity\Api\Fins\Statement\StatementAccount
Boolean false


Status Code Type Type
200 Returns response result. ResultList < CompanyStatement >
400 Returns API error. ApiError[]
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Query Result