Release Notes

API Specification for latest version

2.11.0 - April 3, 2024

Modified keyword parameter default behaviour for GET /series/search requests - keyword search now uses fuzzy-search logic
Added strict_keyword_search bool parameter to control the keyword search behaviour for the GET /series/search endpoint - false by default. When true, will switch to old, strict, form of keyword search
Improved overall API security and performance
Fixed an issue with first-time users getting HTTP 403 errors
Fixed an issue with feed/dump files not being delivered to certain FTP servers

2.10.0 - January 17, 2024

Trade code is now intruduced in the series metadata response of CEIC API
Fixed an issue in SDKs and PyCEIC where using the method for creating UDD series was returning non-successful result

2.9.5 - December 1, 2023

Fixed an issue where there was an inconsistency in series' timepoint dates for couple of series
Fixed an issue where using the GET /releases and GET /releases/series/:id endpoints with 'release_date_from' and 'release_date_to' parameters was returning internal server error
Fixed an issue where the 'limit' parameter was not handled correctly in GET /releases
Minor bugfixes related with Dumps and Feeds

2.9.4 - September 21, 2023


Feature: Added user_series_id and category parameters in POST /userdefined/series
Fix: Fixed an issue where GET /series/{udd_id} did not work
Fix: Fixed an issue when trying to access the API through a wrong data center


Fix: Added UserDefined methods since they were missing


Fix: Fixed an issue where 'date' was missing in TimePoint objects

2.9.3 - June 26, 2023

Added "write" support for user-defined data.
Major performance and stability improvements.

Fixed an issue where start_date paremeter in GET /series/{id} was returning no results
Fixed an issue where PyCEIC was returning error in some cases

2.9.2 - June 05, 2023

Minor dumps and feeds stability improvements.

2.9.1 - February 9, 2023


Feature: Introduced Continuous and read-only User-Defined Data series endpoints
Fix: Fixed issue with setting proxy credentials

R package

Feature: Introduced User-Defined Data and Continuous series endpoints
Fix: Fixed an issue where some of the insights methods were not working properly


Fix: Fixed an issue where User-Defined Data was not working for some of the series

2.9.0 - January 31, 2023


Feature: Added User-Defined Data support in GET /series/search, GET /series/:id/metadata, GET /series/:id/data, GET /series/:id and in insights methods
Feature: Added "indicators" field in series metadata response

Fix: Fixed some minor issues for dumps and feeds generated data

2.8.17 - November 21, 2022

Fixed an issue where geo filter was not returning correct results in GET /series/search

Fixed an issue where authentication did not work in GET /series/{id}/continuous and GET /series/{id}/continuous/{chain_id}/data methods

2.8.16 - October 21, 2022


Features: Added continuous series support:
  - Added continuous series flag in series metadata
  - Added new endpoint: GET /series/{id}/continuous
  - Added new endpoint: GET /series/{id}/continuous/{chain_id}/data
  - Added 'with_historical_extension' parameter to GET /series/{id} and GET /series/{id}/data
  - Added 'with_continuous_only' parameter to series search

2.8.15 - September 8, 2022


Feature: added support for custom FTP port for Dumps & Feeds

Fix: fixed an issue where some applied function were not shown in Insights methods
Fix: fixed documentation for weekly series in periodEnd property of SeriesMetadata's model
API Specification for version 2.8.15

2.8.14 - August 12, 2022


Feature: added total number of series in the response of GET /insights/:id/series, GET /insights/:id/data and GET /insights/:id/series/metadata

Fix: added "on-demand" series status in GET /dictionary/statuses
Fix: updated documentation for weekly series in periodEnd property of SeriesMetadata's model
API Specification for version 2.8.14

2.8.13 - July 01, 2022


Feature: added feed_updated_at field in the response of GET /feeds/:id
Feature: added "on-demand" series status support

Fix: fixed an issue where some of the updated series were not included in the feeds
API Specification for version 2.8.13

2.8.12 - May 16, 2022


Feature: Optimisation of feed files delivery

Fix: fixed an issue where wrong data was shown in the geo info node
Fix: bug with PyCEIC path

API Specification for version 2.8.12

2.8.11 - March 28, 2022

Development Portal

Fixes: Fixed a bug where GET /companies/{id}/statements and GET /companies/{id}/statements/{standard_id} pages for EMIS COMPANY API V2 were not opening


Feature: Added displayOrder parameter for /series/:id in layout nodes
Feature: Stopped CSV format support
Feature: Improved overall feeds and dumps performance

Fixed: Fixed an issue where GET /series/{id}/visual was returning error when no format parameter is passed

API Specification for version 2.8.11 - February 16, 2022


Feature: GET /series/{id} now has default value for count parameter - 3650, which in the context of daily series, equals to 10 years of timepoints. 
The change is also affecting all SDKs (Python, JS, R, PHP). In order to obtain all timepoints, provide high enough value for count parameter.

Such value would be: 

R package: as.integer(.Machine$integer.max)
Python: sys.maxint

API Specification for version 2.8.10 - September 07, 2021

Development Portal

Feature: Updated navigation menu. Reworked FAQ section which is now shown as Q/A for logged in users. There users will be able to see knowledgebase urls for CEIC or EMIS APIs accordingly.

Fixes: Fixed bug not showing the incident id when token generation fails.
Fixes: Fixed a bug where generated token is not stored and can not be used afterwards in the query builder.
Fixes: Fixed a bug where creating a feed/dump without selecting database was showing error message after the series preview has been generated.
Fixes: Fixed a bug where updating feed did not show error message of the mandatory databse field is set to empty.
Fixes: UI fixes and improvement for the header navigation menu
Fixes: Fixed missing list of available values for the parameters in differrent api calls.
API Specification for version 2.8.10

2.8.10 - August 04, 2021


Fixes: Fixed CN dumps not sending email notification
Fixes: Fixed CN feeds can not start full historical dump upon creation
Fixes: Fixed default api request format to avoid error code 415 when format is not specified
Fixes: Fixed dumps pagination (limit + offset params) for GET /dumps
Fixes: Fixed bug causing GET /dumps with format=xml returning no created date

Development Portal

Feature: Improved dumps and feeds pages performance.
Feature: Added documentation search engine.

Fixes: UI fixes and improvements.
Fixes: Fixed issues with release notes for english language in CN Portal.
Fixes: Fixed missing feed id for dumps that belong to a feed
API Specification for version 2.8.10

2.8.9 - July 14, 2021


Fixes: Fixed CN dumps failure with status ERROR.
Fixes: Fixed bug where format parameter doesn't work for both feeds/dumps.

Development Portal

Feature: Improved performance and fixed scalability issues.

Fixes: UI fixes and improvements.

API Specification for version 2.8.9

2.8.8 - June 1, 2021


Feature: Added push notification url to GET /Feeds/{id} response

Fixes: Fixed bug causing creating feeds/dumps with list of databases to fail.

Development Portal

Fixes: UI improvements.
Fixes: Fixed unavailable Service management menu for API Portal CN.

API Specification for version 2.8.8

2.8.7 - May 5, 2021


Fixes: Fixed bug causing dumps/feeds with provided series ids to fail.
Fixes: Fixed bug causing dumps to collect incorrect number of series.
Fixes: Fixed Data Feed push notifications.
Fixes: Fixed occasionally duplicated JSON files when running feeds/dumps.

Development Portal

Fixes: UI improvements.

API Specification for version 2.8.7

2.8.6 - April 8, 2021


Fixes: Updating CEIC Feeds.
Fixes: Fixed bug causing unit to be displayed with id = null.
Fixes: Fixed database parameter to be no longer deprecated and missing in the API specification.
Fixes: Fixed bug causing GET /SERIES/SEARCH method to return error (FILTER_NOT_FOUND) attached to the response.

Development Portal

Fixes: Minor UI improvements.
Fixes: Fixed bug with CEIC Data Feeds edit page.
Fixes: Fixed bug with generating series preview when creating feed.

API Specification for version 2.8.6

2.8.5 - March 30, 2021


Fixes: Unified series list parameter name for POST /FILTERS and GET /SERIES/SEARCH. Both now use series_ids.
Fixes: Fixed bug causing GET /SERIS/{ID}/VISUAL method to return INTERNAL_SERVER_ERROR.
Fixes: Fixed inconsistent behaviour for timepoints blank observations when start_date parameter is added.
Fixes: Fixed bug causing series filter to not apply properly when series parameter is present.

Development Portal

Features: Added language parameter when creating feeds.

Fixes: Minor UI improvements.
Fixes: Fixed stability issues.
Fixes: Fixed bug with no prefilled Report A Bug form when reporting an incident.
Fixes: Ambiguous parameter in POST /FILTERS - series_ids and series.
Fixes: Fixed bug causing EMIS Documents feed page to show wrong value for FTP username.

API Specification for version 2.8.5

2.8.4 - March 17, 2021


Fixes: Fixed minor bugs that cause error 500 response.
Fixes: Fixed not transalted geo info names in metadata.
Fixes: Fixed inconsistency between Series region id and Dictionary geo id
Fixes: Fixed wrong Unit ID in the response from GET /SERIES/{ID}
Fixes: Fixed bug causing GET /INSIGHTS/{ID}/DOWNLOAD/{FILE_FORMAT} with provided end_date to fetch all observations instead of filtering by provided end_date param.
Fixes: Fixed bug causing GET /INSIGHTS/CATEGORIES and GET /INSIGHTS/CATEGORIES/GALLERY to fetch same result

Development Portal

Fixes: Minor UI Fixes.
API Specification for version 2.8.4

2.8.3 - March 2, 2021


Fixes: Fixed GET /dictionary/geo wrong language with lang=zh parameter provided.
Fixes: Fixed a bug causing potential timepoints loss when generating feed files.
Fixes: Fixed wrong source id in the response when executing GET /series/:id
Fixes: Fixed missing "classification" and "indicator" information in the response when executing GET /series/:id
Fixes: Fixed inconsistent Series Metadata info in the responses from  GET /series/:id/metadata and GET /layout/tables/:id/series

Features: Added filter_description field in feed/dump delivery web email

Development Portal

Features: Red dot notifications on Release Notes for CEIC API Documentation when new release notes are available.

Fixes: Fixed bug that caused users to be unable to create feeds with too large series list.
Fixes: Fixed bug with missing Service Management menu for China development portal.
Fixes: Fixed user login sessions in development portal. Sessions now expire after 1440 minutes.
Fixes: Fixed broken documentation rendering for some models like SeriesStatistics (CEIC API Documentation)
Fixes: Fixes addressing some minor stabiliy issues.
Fixes: Minor UI fixes
API Specification for version 2.8.3

2.8.2 - February 18, 2021


Features: Selecting Database when creating dumps/feeds is now mandatory if search criteria is provided. 
If the search criteria contains series ids only then Database can be omitted.
Features: Added filter_id, created_after, created_before, status and created_order parameters for GET /dumps and GET /feeds methods.
Features: Added feed_id parameter for GET /dumps method.
Features: Added limit and offset parameters to GET /feeds method.
Features: Added created attribute in the GET /dumps resdponse.
Features: Feeds are now limited to have only 1 running dump per feed.

Development Portal

Features: Users can now cancel their running dumps
Features: Improved dumps estimations

Fixes: Separated query and body (form data) parameters in documentation for POST/PATCH methods.
Fixes: Fixed bug with wrong Last Run date in CEIC Feeds page.
Fixes: Fixed error reporting when feed creation fails.
API Specification for version 2.8.2

2.8.1 - February 3, 2021


Fixes: GET /feeds empty response
Fixes: GET /dumps error 500
Fixes: Resolved issue with feeds generating files in the wrong directory

Development Portal

Fixes: Minor UI fixes.
Fixes: Fixed redirection bug when language in the url is omitted.
Fixes: Fixed wrong table pagination.
Fixes: Fixed dumps starting estimation.
Fixes: Fixed the "Report A Bug" form
API Specification for version 2.8.1

2.8.0 - January 28, 2021


Features: Dumps generation is now between 50% and 80% faster.

Development Portal

Features: Added support for modifying existing feeds.
Features: Introduced standalone dumps management. Users will be now able to run one time dumps without the need to set a feed.
Features: The Portal, and the API documentation are now available in Chinese.
Features: An error reporting page is now available. Users can report issues with the portal using the provided incident ID.
Features: Feeds can now be filtered by active/inactive status.
Features: Added dumps progress, and completion estimation information.
Features: Integration with CDMNext - "Explore in API portal".
Features: Improved navigation between Feeds and Dumps.
Features: Better status information provided when feed generation results in no new data.
Features: Increased the number of feeds per page.

Fixes: Feed stability issues when recovering/deleting feeds.
Fixes: Fixed series metadata model link.
Fixes: Fixed issues with token management.
Fixes: Fixed frequent crashes of feeds page.
Fixes: Fixed issues with feeds/dumps names and description.
Fixes: Multiple other minor bugfixes and improvements.
API Specification for version 2.8.0

2.7.5 - November 5, 2020

Python SDK: Fixed an issue where create_filter returns EMPTY_FILTER error
Fixed an issue where usage of PATCH /filters/{id} breaks existing feeds
Fixed an issue where /SERIES/{ID}/METADATA & GET /LAYOUT/TABLES/{ID}/SERIES returns inconsistent results
Fixed an issue where using both "lang" and "series_id" parameters results in a large list of series
Fixed an issue where a filter with more than 1000 individual series causes a data dump export to fail
It is now posible to delete a filter linked to a feed marked as "deleted".
Improved the way we handle collecting missing feeds data after a backend system failure
Listing filters with large search criteria was causing reaching a hard limit of 10MB. This was causing issues for some users listing the feeds in the development portal. The filter details are now omitted in order to fix the issue.
API Specification for version 2.7.5

2.7.4 - September 28, 2020

Releases: feeds an filters functionality - with the newly introduced methods feeds and filters can now be edited

Features: options to add name and description to filters, feeds and dumps
Features: feed files older than 30 days will be cleaned from our servers
Features: the list of series IDs on the filters is now limited to 10,000 series
Features: "series_ids" parameter is introduced in the search
API Specification for version 2.7.4

2.7.3 - July 1, 2020

Fixes: Resolved issue with a shared insights access and table order in the insight.
API Specification for version 2.7.3

2.7.2 - June 10, 2020

Fixes: Resolved issue with a dump rejection logic for empty dumps upon new feed creation.
API Specification for version 2.7.2

2.7.1 - April 9, 2020

Features: Changes into the CEIC Dump request workflow.
Fixes: Resolved issue with a timeout error when creating a dump with a lot of series.
API Specification for version 2.7.1

2.7.0 - March 24, 2020

Features: New search parameter "geo" is introduced, replacing the deprecated "country" parameter. Geoinformation is included in the series' metadata. A new dictionary with for the geo entities is also available.
Features: A new set of /layout methods for accessing and downloading Footnotes is introduced.
Releases: New version of PyCEIC with included the new geo search parameter, new method for geo entities dictionary and a new method to download the footnotes.
API Specification for version 2.7.0

2.6.1 - March 11, 2020

Releases: New version of PyCEIC with included new series metadata (series mnemonics, forecast and data release), search filters over the new metadata, new function for series statistics and a new set of functions for the series release schedule.
Fixes: Resolved issue with insights access method.
Fixes: Resolved issue with parameter descriptions.
API Specification for version 2.6.1

2.6.0 - February 07, 2020

Releases: Series release schedule functionality – with the newly introduced methods under "/release" class, users are now able to search for a series release schedule, to extract release schedule information for particular series or to find series with similar release schedules. New dictionaries for the release types and statuses are also available.

Fixes: Resolved issue with series search by the newly introduced frequencies - Quinquennially and Decadal.
Fixes: Resolved issue with series search by IMF source.
Fixes: Resolved issue with access to not subscribed series in shared insights.
API Specification for version 2.6.0

2.5.1 - January 14, 2020

Fixes: Resolved issue with mixing existing and non-existing series in the series response.
API Specification for version 2.5.1

2.5.0 - December 13, 2019

Releases: Data Feed and Data Dump functionality – users are now able to create data feeds and data dumps with macroeconomic data using direct API calls. Additionally, a new UI is released for the same in the ISI Developer portal site.
Features: New series metadata is now available – information about the series mnemonics, forecast and data release. Search filters over the new metadata are also introduced.
Features: Series data statistic function – a new API method that shows mathematical statistics for specific series data.
Features: Series grouping information – new metadata about series logical grouping insight the CEIC Layout table is now available.
Improvements: Improved overall API performance.
Fixes: Resolved issue with XLSX format not working with Map visuals.
Fixes: Resolved issues related to search results.
Fixes: Resolved issue with comma symbol display in XML format and in R package.
API Specification for version 2.5.0

2.4.17 - October 17, 2019

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.

Fixes: Resolved issue with an inconsistent keyword search on multiple languages.
API Specification for version 2.4.17

2.4.16 - September 20, 2019

Improvements: Introduced User-level throttling procedure.
Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.

Fixes: Added missing attributes to PyCEIC package.
API Specification for version 2.4.16

2.4.15 - August 21, 2019

Improvements: Updated countries dictionary
API Specification for version 2.4.15

2.4.14 - August 05, 2019

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.

Releases: PyCEIC - a Python interface to CEIC API with convenience functions for retrieving CEIC macroeconomics data specifically.
Features: Visual function - a new API method that allows charts to be generated for specified series.
API Specification for version 2.4.14

2.4.13 - May 16, 2019

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.

Fixes: Resolved issue with layout information always being in local language.
API Specification for version 2.4.13

2.4.12 - April 23, 2019

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.
API Specification for version 2.4.12

2.4.11 - March 21, 2019

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.

Fixes: Fixed bug related to series being incorrectly shown as unsubscribed.
API Specification for version 2.4.11

2.4.10 - March 15, 2019

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.
Improvements: Added BOM headers for CSV files.

Fixes: Fixed inconsistent headers issue with CSV files.
Fixes: Fixed HTTP 500 error when retrieving insights with functions.
API Specification for version 2.4.10

2.4.9 - March 12, 2019

Fixes: Fixed CSV generation performance problem.
Fixes: Fixed bug related to user subscription when using series search.
API Specification for version 2.4.9

2.4.8 - February 28, 2019

Improvements: Cross-Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) has been enabled for API.
Improvements: Series requested through the API can now show information about deleted time-points.
Improvements: Layout information will now be shown when series are requested in CSV format.

Fixes: Fixed CSV headers consistency for /series requests. 
Fixes: Fixed invalid metadata values being returned for certain series. 
Fixes: Fixed Python SDK ValueError being thrown when requesting certain series. 
Fixes: Fixed Python SDK not showing replacement series information. 
Fixes: Fixed bug when passing boolean parameters to Python SDK API methods. 
API Specification for version 2.4.8

2.4.7 - January 21, 2019

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.

Fixes: Fixed JavaScript SDK lastValue and lastChange.value data type from integer to float. 
API Specification for version 2.4.7

2.4.6 - January 15, 2019

Improvements: Added support for dates to be passed as arguments to the API in the short date format (YYYYMMDD), which is part of the ISO 8601 standard. 

Fixes: Resolved issue with Python SDK raising encoding exception, when requesting certain series.
Fixes: Resolved backwards-compatibility issue in new Python SDK version, related to the host parameter in the constructor of the ApiClient class.
Fixes: Resolved issue related with the usage of the "async" keyword, when using the Python SDK with Python 3.7 .
Fixes: Resolved issue with the API returning "Invalid Date" as start/end_date values for some series. The issue was also causing Python exceptions, when requetsed throug the Python SDK.
API Specification for version 2.4.6

2.4.5 - December 18, 2018

Features: Added API functionality to support upcoming API Feeds feature (to be released in API v.2.5)
API Specification for version 2.4.5

2.4.4 - December 5, 2018

Features: Added API functionality to support upcoming API Feeds feature (to be released in API v.2.5)
API Specification for version 2.4.4

2.4.3 - November 22, 2018

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.

Fixes: Get series methods in the SDK packages no loger throw an error, when SR codes are used instaed of series IDs.
API Specification for version 2.4.3

2.4.2 - November 8, 2018

Features: Custom proxy server can now be specified for all outbound requests, made through the Python SDK. Along with the proxy URL, proxy username and password can also be specified.
Fixes: Fixed an issue where querying certain series are resulting in an internal server error.
API Specification for version 2.4.2

2.4.1 - October 9, 2018

Features: Special "separator" series are now removed from the list of series within a table. Instead, a new flag related to UI reconstruction is introduced named "separatorAfterSeries". 

Documentation: Added API monitoring/maintenance page accessible through the documentation.
Documentation: Added release notes, and API monitoring/maintenance RSS feed.

Fixes: Fixed an issue with the python package throwing an exception when using get_layout_series.
Fixes: Fixed an issue counting number of returned by the layout functions series.
Fixes: Fixed an issue using subscribed_only query parameter over layout functions.
API Specification for version 2.4.1

2.4.0 - October 2, 2018

Features: Added Filters functionality allowing users to create predefined search filters. A filter can be a union between search criterion and exact list of series IDs.
Features: Filters can be used in /series/search and /layout funcitons. When combined with additional search criterion the result set is an intersection of both
API Specification for version 2.4.0

2.3.4 - September 19, 2018

Features: Added additional information in series metadata - lastValue and numberOfObservations.

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.

Fixes: The 'database' filter for the series search functionality now returns correct results.
Fixes: Insights, exported in CSV format, now have the series timepoints listed in rows.
Fixes: Queries for invalid series are not returning HTTP error 404 - SERIES_NOT_FOUND
API Specification for version 2.3.4

2.3.3 - August 6, 2018

Improvements: Improved overall API performance and stability.

Fixes: Count query parameter now returns correct number of timepoints.
Fixes: Excel generation service now properly handles all requests
Fixes: Fixed issue with HTTP 500 error when querying specific series
API Specification for version 2.3.3

2.3.2 – July 18, 2018

Updates: OECD-National Account database is no longer available.

Fixes: Fixed critical issue causing API unavailability for short period of time.                                  
API Specification for version 2.3.2

2.3.1 – Jul 4, 2018

Fixes: Minor bugfixes and improvements.                                                        	

2.3.0 - Jul 2, 2018

Features: Search by section, table, and topic are now supported.
Features: A new parameter "facet" added to the Search function, allowing to count the number of results for a particular filter value.
Features: Improved handling of large requests for which API may return more than 10MB of data. Those will now return HTTP 413 asking the user to reduce number of queries series or timepoints. 

Fixes: Layout tree - filtering by status now works properly.
Fixes: Number of insights returned by the API is now properly matching the count in CDMNext.
Fixes: Downloading blank insight as PDF is now properly validated.
Fixes: /insights/series/{series_id} with_replacements_metadata argument is now working properly.
Fixes: Non-ISO dates was incorrectly accepted which is now fixed.
Fixes: Fixed internal server error when downloading some PDF reports.
Fixes: updated_after is now returning proper results.

Documentation: Authorization header parameter disabled to avoid confusion. It still can be used when making HTTP API request.

Security: TLS 1.0 is no longer supported. API users shall use TLS 1.1/1.2.

2.2.0 – May 11, 2018

Features: Added support to reconstruct the layout tree.
Features: The layout tree supports filtering by status. Any filtering criteria reflects on the count of related records.
Features: Information about series under specific table (4-th level layout tree) can now be retrieved.
Features: Exact layout can be retrieved when searching by SR code.
Features: Added functions to list, browse and search insights based on certain filtering criteria.
Features: Added insights series related functions - metadata, time-points and full series information. This includes the ability to get manipulated data.
Features: Search now accepts new filtering criteria: created_after and updated_after. Also available when listing series in a table.
Features: Added new metadata fields creationDate, and lastUpdateDate.
Features: PMI database is now accessible through the API.
Features: Added support for insights download as PDF/XLSX reports.
Features: Replacement series suggestions entity added, part of the Series model.
Features: Date of the last modification is now available for each time-point.

Deprecated: Function /dictionary/layouts is now deprecated. Use /layout/databases instead.

Fixes: Fixed issues with 'Markit Purchasing Managers' Index.
Fixes: Other minor bug fixes.

SDK: Python and PHP SDKs updated.
SDK: Documentation updated with additional examples.

Security: Updated the format of some API tokens considered predictable.                                  

2.1.0 - March 7, 2018

Features: Added exact data release time.
Features: More option for displaying missing values.
Features: New search filters added by source, "new only", "key only", "name only", "start/end date".
Features: Enhanced metadata to indicate "new" series and subscription status in search results.
Features: New dictionary functions for frequency and status added.

Fixes: Multiple bug fixes and improvements.

SDK: New SDK libraries for PHP and JavaScript.

2.0.0 – December 14, 2017

Initial v2 release

SDK: Python SDK added.