Get More Than 100 Series - II

from ceic_api_client.api_client import ApiClient
from ceic_api_client.apis.series_api import SeriesApi

access_token = "ENTER YOUR API KEY HERE" api_client = ApiClient() series_api = SeriesApi(api_client=api_client)
example_series_id = [EXAMPLE SERIES ID]
# Separate the list of series in smaller chunks (25 series) example_series_id_chunks = [example_series_id[x:x+25] for x in range(0, len(example_series_id), 25)] # Get the series per every chunk for chunk in example_series_id_chunks:     series_ids = ','.join(map(str, chunk))     series = series_api.get_series(id=series_ids, token=access_token)     print(series)