Contains series metadata information


Name Description Type
id The series unique identifier Integer
name The series name, localized based on the lang query parameter or Accept-Language header. Defaults to English if no translated resource is available. String
indicator DEPRECATED. Please use indicators field. Contains information about the indicator inclufing classification relation Indicator
classification DEPRECATED. Please use indicators field. Contains information about the classification Classification
unit Contains information about the unit Unit
country Contains information about the country Country
province Contains information about the province Province
frequency Contains information about the frequency Frequency
status Contains information about the status Status
source Contains information about the source and the country relation Source
indicators Array of indicator chains. Series can have multiple chains. IndicatorsChain[]
geoInfo Contains geographical information for each node GeoInfo[]
remarks Series remarks String
mnemonic Mnemonics information String
tradeCode Series Trade code and Classification. Ex. - [classification] | [trade_code] String
isForecast Is series forecasted or not Boolean
isRevised Is series revised or not Boolean
hasSchedule If series has schedule or not Boolean
seriesTag The dX code of the series String
startDate The date of the first time-point String
endDate The date of the latest time-point String
multiplierCode The series multiplier code.
MN - Million
NA - No multiplier
TH - Thousand
BN - Billion
TN - Trillion
TT - Ten Thousand
QN - Quadrillion
HM - Hundred Million
HT - Hundred Thousand
2T - Twenty Thousand
HB - Hundred Billion
TM - Ten Million
TB - Ten Billion
lastUpdateTime The date and time [ISO 8601] when the series was last updated in CEIC database. String
keySeries Indicates whether a series is a key indicator for the selected economy, as defined by CEIC in-house analysts. Boolean
newSeries Indicates whether a series is newly added to the database within the last 30 days. Boolean
periodEnd Indicates the period end.
Weekly series - the day of the week at which the period ends – 1 for Sunday, 2 for Monday, ..., 7 for Saturday.
Monthly series - the day of the month, or the previous valid one at which the period ends, i.e. a value of 31 indicates the period ends on Jan 31, Feb 28/29, March 31, April 30, etc.
Annual, decadal, quinquennial, semi-annual, quarterly series - the month at which the period ends - 1 for January, 2 for February, etc.
lastValue Last timpoint value Number
lastChange Percentage change SeriesMetadataLastChange
numberOfObservations Number of timepoints Integer