Data feed information


Name Description Type
id Feed ID String
name Feed name String
description Feed description String
filter_id The ID of the filter used in the feed String
filter_name The name of the filter used in the feed String
filter_description Description of the filter used in the feed String
status Data Feed status String
user_id The ID of feed creator String
frequency Data Feed frequency Integer
created_at The date of the creation of the feed String
feed_updated_at Feed last update time String
language Feed language code String
consolidation_method Feed consolidation method String
delivery_method Feed delivery method String
delivery_format Feed delivery format String
delivery_path Feed delivery path String
user_ftp_url Result delivery path for FTP server String
user_ftp_username Username for the FTP server String
notification_email The email address to which the notifications will be sent String
notification_url URL for push notifications String
notification_http_method HTTP Method for push notifications String
updated_after Datetime value for the next feed file String
full_dump Shows if the feed will always generate full list of time points Boolean
metadata_only Shows if the generated data contains metadata only Boolean