PATCH /userdefined/series/{id}/timepoints/{date}

Patch series time-point

Patch series timepoint.

Path Parameters

Name Description Type Required Default
id Userdefined series id. String
date Timepoint date in format YYYY-MM-DD String

FormData Parameters

Name Description Type Required Default
value Timepoint value Number


All API calls have response size limit of 10MB! If you are planning to request a bulky item collection, please consider using the corresponding API request parameters to limit your response.

Status Code Description Type
200 Userdefined series time-points. UserdefinedCreateSeriesDataResult
400 Incorrect input parameters. BadRequest
401 Authorization error. AuthorizationError
403 Incorrect user permissions. PermissionsError
404 Requested entity not found. NotFound
415 Unsupported data format. Only json, xml are supported. UnsupportedMedia
429 Too many requests were send or limit exceeded. TooManyRequests
500 Internal Server Error. InternalError
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